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Foreign Exchange Risk

Each and every country around the world possesses natural resources. These resources in many ways can be very unique to the country which possesses them.

In many cases, the resources a country possesses become the base for the development of the national economy. They are often raw materials and products which are exported to the world market.

The countries, most invariably, will also have to depend on imports of commodities from other countries in other parts of the world. Some of the commodities may be highly essential for the sustainable growth of the national economy of the importing country.

The export and import activities require uses of foreign currencies. The values of the commodities exported and imported are determined based on the national foreign exchange management rules and foreign exchange management regulations.

The countries, therefore, have to adopt a sound foreign exchange management policy compatible to and acceptable in the international trade. A foreign exchange management act will be the guide for establishing the foreign exchange management system of the country.

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The departments and the officials managing the foreign exchange transactions have to be well-experienced in the trade. The foreign exchange management manual becomes the essential reference for the management of foreign exchange management risk. The staff members of the departments may have to take the foreign exchange management course to be well oriented with the foreign exchange transactions.